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+ Characterization
           Polymer Characterization
          + Rheometer (TA Instruments AR 2000ex)
          + DMA (TA Instruments Q8000)
          + Fischer Tiration System (Mettler Toledo C20)
          + FT-IR Spectrometer (Nicolet 4700 with TGA/FT-IR Interface)
          + TGA (TA Instruments Q5000 IR)
          + DSC (TA Instruments Q2000)
          + Digital Stereo Microscopeheometer (Keyence VHX-5000)
          + Digital Stereo Microscopeheometer (Keyence VH-Z100R/VHX-600E)
          + DIC Microscope (Olympus BX51)
          + SEM
          + TEM
          + Motion Analysis Microscope (Keyence VW 6000E high-speed video system)
          + Contact Angle Goniometer (Rame-hart )
          Sample Preparation
          + Polishing Wheels (Struers Labopol-2; Struers LaboPol-2)
          + Jet Polisher (Struers TenuPol-2 with LT recirculating chiller)
          + Dimple Polisher (VCR group D500i)
          + Low-Speed Polishing Wheel (SBT-910)
          + Hot-Mounting Press (Struers Citopress)
          + Cross Section Ion Polisher (JEOL)
          + Low-Speed Diamond Saw (Struers Minitom)
          Ovens and Chambers
          + Mechanical Convection Oven ( Yamato DKN 400)
          + Temperature-Humidity Chamber (Hotpack)
          + Vacuum Oven (LR Environmental 4DP21 250 C)
          + Curing Oven (LR Environmental Blue M)
          + Ultrasonic Imaging System (NDT Automation UPK-T36)
          + Gas Pynocomete (Micromeritics AccuPyc 1330)