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Automated Defect Evaluation Software for Ultrasonic NDI  -The commercial aircraft industry is increasing their reliance on composite materials to produce lighter, more durable aircraft. For instance, both Boeing and Airbus are presently building aircraft with major composite parts, including fuselage, wings, and tail sections (see Figure). The increased use of composite materials has created a strong demand for non-destructive inspection (NDI) of composite structures, both in the fabrication process and for in-service inspections. However, there is a shortage of qualified NDI personnel in the available workforce, particularly in ultrasonics. To address this shortage, we are developing automatic defect evaluation software, or ADES. The objective of this project is to develop an ADES system for ultrasonic C-scan inspection images to meet the urgent needs for non-destructive inspection (NDI) of aerospace structures. The project is undertaken with partners from Korea Aerospace University, Korean Air, and Inha University.

Composite parts are used extensively (blue and green) in Boeing's 787.

Graphical user interface of the ADES software