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Lessa Grunenfelder

Graduate Student Research Assistant

Department of Materials Science and Chemical Engineering
3651 Watt Way

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA 90089


·    M.S., Materials Science 2009, University of Southern California.

·    B.S., Astronautical Engineering 2007, University of Southern California.


·    Void formation in out-of-autoclave processing of carbon fiber composites.


·    2007 - present, Graduate Student Research Assistant, Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Science, University of Southern California.

·    2007-2009, Graduate Student Teaching Assistant, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.


·   L.K. Grunenfelder, S.R. Nutt. Prepreg age monitoring via differential scanning calorimetry. Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites 2011 (in press)


·   L.K. Grunenfelder, S.R. Nutt. Monitoring prepreg out-time with glass transition temperature. American Society for Composites 26th Technical Conference, 2011.


·   L.K. Grunenfelder, S.R. Nutt. Air removal in VBO prepreg laminates: Effects of breathe-out distance and direction. SAMPE Technical Conference, 2011.


·   L.K. Grunenfelder, S.R. Nutt. Out time effects on VBO prepreg and laminate properties. SAMPE Journal 2011;47(5):6-13



·   L.K. Grunenfelder, S.R. Nutt. Void formation in composite prepregs – Effect of dissolved moisture. Composites Science and Technology 2010;70(16):2304-2309


·   L.K. Grunenfelder, S.R. Nutt. Moisture and pressure effects on void formation in prepreg processed composites. American Society for Composites 25th Technical Conference, 2010.