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EngX 2017 Exceeds Expectations

February 25, 2017 —

EngX 2017 Exceeds Expectation

Enthusiasm for the 2017 Engineering Exploration at USC accumulated well before the event, with registration reaching capacity two months early at over 500 registrants.  Enthusiasm did not wane as the event approached—guests and organizers were greeted at the university’s entrance by a line of eager vehicles waiting to enter as early as an hour and a half before the scheduled opening.  Organized and hosted by the Armani Research Lab, the event featured opportunities for middle and high school students to get hands on experience with activities highlighting engineering concepts.  A diverse collection of more than a dozen booths provided guests with hands-on activities ranging from solving “laser mazes” to fabricating cell-phone microscopes, all of which served to highlight and generate enthusiasm for STEM education.

The M.C. Gill Composites Center was pleased to partner with SAMPE USC to assist the event by putting together a team of six volunteers comprised of graduate students, undergraduate students, and lab staff.  A stroke of good luck landed us at the booth demonstrating a virtual reality system, which was a crowd favorite throughout the event.  Despite our best effort to provide as many students as possible with a satisfying preview for what is to come in VR, our booth maintained a long line of interested guests from event open to close.  We’ve been convinced we must greatly expand our VR experience for EngX 2018!