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Composites Center hosts prospective students as part of Viterbi Expo 2015

December 10, 2015 —

On Sunday, November 22 nearly 2,000 prospective students and community members converged on USC's University Park Campus to attend the Viterbi Expo to learn what it takes to be a Trojan Engineer. Over the course of the day, many visitors toured several lab facilities, the largest of which was the the M.C. Gill Composites Center.

The Composites Center, directed by Prof. Nutt, opened the door of its mechanical testing laboratory to lead tours for six groups of students. The tour began with an introduction to composite structures and their constituent materials, during which visiting students were given the oportunity to learn about traditional manufacturing techniques used to make composites. In addition, visitors engaged with tour guides to learn about undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral researcher efforts to identiy and refine superior techniques for processing composites. The highlight of the tour, however, was when Composites Center researchers assisted visitors in crushing an aluminum can: visiting students relished the chance to apply 10,000 lbs of force to flatten cans paper-thin. The lab tours concluded by encouraging all our visitors to pursue careers in STEM fields prior to a brief Q&A session with Composites Center researchers. Several photos of the event be seen below