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Bo Jin received the 2014 “AME Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award”

May 15, 2014 —

Bo Jin received the 2014 “AME Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award” at USC Ph.D. Hooding Ceremony, Bovard Auditorium.

USC Ph.D. Commencement, 2014 —





Bo Jin, a Ph.D. student advised by Professor Steven Nutt, Director of USC M.C.Gill Composites Center, was awarded the USC “AME Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award” for the year 2014. Bo was nominated by Professor Geoffrey Spedding of Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, and was recognized at the 2014 USC Ph.D. Hooding and Awards Ceremony at Bovard Auditorium where this special honor of the year was presented by USC Viterbi School of Engineering.


Bo Jin and his Ph.D. advisor Dr. Steven Nutt (Professor and Director of USC M.C Gill Composites Center, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science) at the reception of 2014 USC Ph.D. Hooding and Awards Ceremony. Photos by Mrs. Sam Graves.



The USC “AME Award for Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring” is a special honor awarded to Ph.D. candidates who exhibit consistent excellence in mentoring university teaching and research activities and symbolize the university’s dedication to the education of scholar-teachers. In year 2012 and 2013, Bo Jin has brought home twice the prestigious University Best TA Award, which is the highest honor USC bestows on its TAs for outstanding teaching work. Bo has been appointed as a TA Fellow (TAF) of USC Center for Excellence in Teaching in 2012, and was elected as Chair of TAFs since 2013. Working with his CET colleagues, Bo organized the following activities and seminars in the past academic year:

Active Learning Series:

31-Jan Active Learning in the Large Classroom Setting

25-Feb Keeping Your Students Coming to Class

8-Apr Active Learning Workshop

Academic Careers Week:

9-Sep Writing Your Cover Letter & CV

10-Sep Negotiating an Academic Job Offer

11-Sep Instant Contact: How to Shine in 1 or 2 Minutes

12-Sep Drafting a Teaching Philosophy & Research Statement

External Fellowships:

19-Sep Overview of External Fellowships

26-Sep Finding External Fellowships in the Humanities and Social Sciences

1-Oct Finding External Fellowships in the Sciences

International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP):

28-Aug Earning Your Students’ Respect

5-Nov Discussion Session Teaching Skills and Tips

18-Nov Preparing a Review Session

Minorities & Philosophy (MAP) Series:

6-Mar Diversity and Communication in the Classroom

13-Mar Controversy in the Classroom

Scientific Integrity and Research Ethics:

16-Oct Seminar Part 1

23-Oct Seminar Part 2

30-Oct Seminar Part 3

Center for Excellence in Teaching Calculus (CETC):

16-Sep Calculus Students at USC

24-Feb Calculus TAs Sharing Experience and Concerns

21-Apr Teaching Your Own Class for the First Time

Other Events:

5-Feb Teaching a DEN Class: Everything You Need to Know

31-Mar Making the Transition to Assistant Professor in the Sciences and Engineering

22-Apr The TA/Faculty Dynamic Duo – HSC

24-Apr Letters of Recommendation Workshop

4-Sep Syllabus and Course Design Workshop

25-Sep Taking Charge of Your Graduate Career

20-Nov Get Up, Stand Up: Becoming a Better Public Speaker

CETea & Tales: 18-Sep, 2-Oct, 6-Nov

TAF Meetings: Sep 9, Oct 21, Dec 2, Jan 22, Feb 12, Mar 26.

University New TA Trainings: 2012, 2013, 2014 Fall and Spring


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